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London again, huh? The Jaguars in London. AJ McCarron Jersey . To your average American NFL fan, this is about as exciting as a rice sandwich. Because of the 9:30 a.m. ET kickoff, a nonzero portion of the leagues regular viewers wont even realize the Colts are playing the Jaguars on Sunday until the game is almost over. If theres any emotion spilled over this game, itll be from people who didnt set their fantasy lineups in time.And yet, the NFL is doing it again. And again. And again. Sundays game is the first of three regular-season London games this season. They played three last year and three the year before. The Jaguars are going for the fourth year in a row and are committed to playing there once a year through 2020. The league has an agreement to play in Tottenhams new stadium every year once it opens in 2018.If youre sick of the London games, too bad, because from the NFLs standpoint its a rousing success and should only get bigger. The London series is a microcosm of the league itself. From a quality-of-the-product standpoint, it hasnt exactly been dazzling anybody the past few years. But its thriving anyway.Growing the game internationally is a vital part of the leagues business plan. No one could possibly believe the game will continue to grow domestically the way it has over the past couple of decades, but if things do flatten out here and they grow overseas, then the leagues business continues to churn and the owners keep making the money theyve been making. Not only are there three games in London this year, but theres one in Mexico City, too. And one of the agenda items at the league meeting in March dealt with other potential venues, such as Germany, Brazil and China.A casual NFL observer can look at the London series and conclude that its gone stale. The average margin of victory in the nine games that have been played there the past four years is 18.5. Eight coaches have lost their jobs the year their teams went to London, including the loser of the Week 4 game there each of the past two years. (Look out, Gus Bradley and Chuck Pagano!)The league measures its London success differently. Mark Waller, the NFLs executive vice president for international, listed three things the NFL looks at to determine how the London series is working:Impact on the teamsDo the teams feel they can go out there, play to the highest level, come back and compete and have a good season that isnt spoiled by playing internationally? Waller said. You cant get teams to go if other teams come back and say it was badly managed, not fair, doesnt work, things of that nature. So the league takes seriously the feedback it gets from teams about their experiences, and it works with teams to avoid surprises and inconvenience. The Jets got a lot of attention for bringing their own toilet paper last year, but they and the league had done their research, and they wanted to make their players as comfortable as possible.Are they offering the U.K. fans the best possible product?Sure, we who can choose among the likes of the Patriots, Steelers, Packers and Broncos every week scoff at the idea that Britain keeps getting the Jaguars foisted on them. First of all, by the time this years London games are over, 14 NFL teams will have played there since the start of 2014. Second of all, British customers dont seem at all turned off by the Jaguars. Waller says all three games this season?have sold out, and there are almost 40,000 tickets purchased by people who are buying all three games. So, mini-season ticket holders, if you will, he said. The league polls fans who go to the games about their experience so it can address specific aspects and try to keep it fresh. Despite the less-than-stellar matchups, the average attendance in the 14 regular-season games that have been played in London has been 83,061.Growth of audienceThere is now a twice-weekly half-hour show on the BBC with the fabulously austere title The NFL Show. It airs Saturday nights to preview the week ahead and on Tuesdays to review. The NFL estimates viewership at around a million, and Waller says the show has the youngest audience demographic of any BBC program. So not only are you bringing in new audience for yourself, but youre also helping the BBC by bringing in new viewers.Waller said that there are now 83 university teams and that amateur adult participation in American football is growing at 16 percent a year in the U.K.The league doesnt want this to get stale, which is part of why theres a new venue in the mix this year. The Rams and the Giants will play their Week 7 game at Twickenham, a new venue for the NFL and a different fan experience because its located in a residential area. The NFL is eager to see what effect that has on tailgating, parking and other game-day activities. Wembley Stadium, Waller said, can host only two or three games a year, so other venues must be explored and tried out. The new Tottenham Stadium factors into the long-term plans, but officials want to know where else they can have games if they want to continue to have more of them. Yes, there are those in the NFL offices and in the U.K. who are very interested in studying the viability of an NFL franchise based in London full time.So roll your eyes if you like at perennial bottom-feeding Jacksonville being our international NFL standard-bearer. Chuckle when its 11 a.m. ET on Sunday and one of the teams is up by 20 points. Remember: The people running this show love this, and that means you can expect to keep seeing it for a long, long time. Clayton Fejedelem Jersey . Still, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke thought taking him out before the fifth inning was an unusual move. "Im looking up at the board and hes got two hits given up and one run, and Im taking him out after the fourth inning," Roenicke said. Tyler Eifert Jersey . -- Ryan Blaney provided more evidence that Penske Racings No. . He said Tuesday thats a big reason why he is now the new coach of the Tennessee Titans. Whisenhunt said he hit it off quickly with Ruston Webster when interviewing for the job Friday night. The PCBs governing board has approved the overhaul of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), and its de-linking from the Pakistan board. The PSL is set to become a separate entity run by its own governing board, which will be headed by a chairman and an executive officer, along with two independent directors. The league will be registered as a private limited company and will be run independently of the PCB. The idea was drafted and presented by PSL chairman Najam Sethi.The structure of PSLs governance, however, remained unclear as Sethi was reluctant to take questions on the league during the briefing at the PCB headquarters. He said that restructuring was underway and that the details would be shared with the media in due course.A few key areas were still under debate, namely the control the Pakistan board would have over the PSL and the revenue-sharing between the two. PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan had echoed concerns about the separation of the PSL from the PCB but was a part of the governing board that unanimously approved the proposal after a nine-hour meeting at the National Cricket Academy in Lahore.The PSL will be a PCB-owned subsidiary, but the Pakistan board will draw a minor share from the tournaments revenue pool, with the a majority of the revenue being given to the franchises. Sethi told ESPNcricinfo that one oof the factors behind making PSL a separate entity was the need to counter political restrictions, with a change in government bringing an inevitable change in the PCBs leadership too. Vontaze Burfict Jersey. The immediate implication of the split is that all PSL contracts related to franchises, broadcasting, marketing and commercial matters will be rewritten and transferred from the PCB to the PSL. The leagues governing board consists of five members - Sethi, Mansoor Khan and Shakeel Sheikh from the PCBs governing board; and two independent directors in Arif Habib, a renowned businessman, and Zia Rizvi, a corporate lawyer. The PCBs chief operating officer Subhan Ahmed and chief financial officer Badar Khan will be a non-voting members ex officio.Both Sethi and Shaharyar are direct nominees of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is Chief Patron of the PCB. Any changes in the federal government could thus result in an immediate change in the PCB. Following the appointment of Shaharyar as PCB chairman, the board has seen two power centres emerge, with Sethi, too, occupying key positions. The separation of the PSL could further exacerbate the issue with a key department working independently of the board. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys 2018 Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '
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