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Lewis Hamilton has often cited his respect for Ayrton Senna as a man and a racing driver. Pele Jersey . With that in mind, its interesting to make a comparison between events in Malaysia last Sunday and those following the 1989 Canadian Grand Prix.In a race run under atrocious conditions (it would have been stopped today or, at the very least, run under a Safety Car when the teeming rain was at its worst), Senna had given us an absolutely exquisite display, running slicks for many laps at a time when others could not manage on full wets. Nineteen (19!) of the 26 starters did not make it to the finish, several of them finishing in the wall.Sennas performance that day ranked among the best of many in a spectacular career and merited the victory coming his way as he completed lap 66 with three to go. Then, without warning, his Honda V10 failed in a cloud of smoke similar to the moment of Hamiltons demise last weekend. Senna pulled over to the left, parked the McLaren on the grass, climbed out and walked away without so much as a backward glance.I have to tell you that not only did the press room cheer, but one or two of our more excitable North American cousins jumped to their feet and applauded. To be fair, this was not so much a dislike of Senna as a reflection of weariness with McLarens consistent success, 1989 coming off the back of total domination the previous year. It was also the first time that neither McLaren finished in 1989, Alain Prost having stopped with broken suspension earlier in the race.Senna pushed through a phalanx of photographers assembling at the end of the pit lane in preparation for the finish of the race and made his way briskly to the McLaren office. He spoke to no one, but his thoughts could be imagined.This was Sennas second retirement in a row (an electrical misfire having cost the lead in Phoenix two weeks before). Now, a golden opportunity to gain nine points (awarded for first place) had literally gone up in smoke and left Senna two points behind Prost in the championship.It would get worse. At the next race in France, Sennas differential broke as he accelerated off the line, the race being won by Prost, a result the Frenchman would repeat at Silverstone on a day when a sizeable number in the crowd cheered as Senna, struggling with his brakes, spun out of the lead and into the gravel at Becketts. Prost now led by 20 points.Even allowing for a complicated scoring system in which a driver could count only his best 11 results (from 16 races), Senna would never get back in front. But at no time did he complain. Or, at least, not to the media.You can be sure, however, that Osamu Goto would have received an earful in Montreal as Ayrton let Hondas project leader know about his views on the failure. But there was not a word of dissention reported in either the specialist or national press during the following weeks.In fact, the only complaints in public would come from Prost once he had decided to leave McLaren for Ferrari in 1990 and let it be known that, in his view, Senna was receiving priority treatment from Honda. Which is an interesting twist on todays stupid suggestion that Mercedes is somehow out to knobble Lewis. Jemerson Jersey . Team physician Dr. Steve Traina performed the surgery Friday. Robinson was injured in a spill underneath the Nuggets basket during the first quarter of Wednesday nights loss to the Charlotte Bobcats. Weverton Jersey . -- Kyrie Irvings last-minute 3-pointer helped seal another victory for Cleveland -- and the Cavaliers longest winning streak since LeBron James left. . -- The Sacramento Kings are set to become the first major professional sports franchise to accept Bitcoin virtual currency for ticket and merchandise purchases.The World Anti-Doping Agency has opened an investigation into allegations of Russian doping at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. WADA will look into claims, broadcast by CBS 60 Minutes in the United States on Sunday, that numerous Russian athletes used performance-enhancing drugs at the Winter Games.WADA president Sir Craig Reedie said: WADA will probe these new allegations immediately. Russias track and field athletes are currently the subject of a suspension which places their participation in the Rio Olympics in doubt.The ban was imposed following a WADA-commissioned independent report into allegations of drug use in athletics. Sir Craig Reedie says WADA will probe new claims And WADA is now looking into the latest claims, which Reedie described as a real cause for concern.A WADA statement read: On the basis of recorded conversations between (whistleblower) Vitaly Stepanov and the former Moscow laboratory director, Dr Grigory Rodchenkov, the broadcast claims that numerous Russian athletes were doped at Sochi, including four goold medallists that were using steroids. Miranda Jersey. The broadcast also suggests that the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) interfered with the Games anti-doping program; including, some FSB agents having been employed as doping control officers (DCOs). WADA has not yet been able to independently verify these allegations, but will now conduct further inquiries into the allegations without delay.This includes initiating the process to access the recorded conversations in which Dr Rodchenkov aired his views, as cited in the programme.Reedie added: Mr Rodchenkov was of course interviewed by WADAs Independent Commission that exposed widespread doping in Russian athletics last year; yet, regrettably, he was not forthcoming with such information related to the Sochi Games.It is surprising to hear these views so many months after the commission concluded its work. Also See: News list Schedule Results Medals table Blogs Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap Jerseys 2018 Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Jerseys From China ' ' '
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