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ver, the thinking is that

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# 19.07.2019 - 05:13:56

Almost everyone has a dream on the road. Not born, to be prenatal. Born out, still eating milk, we must learn to walk, the animals on the grassland are cruel Newport Cigarettes, born, landing, shaking, we must walk on the legs, otherwise, it is easy to fall into the mouth of carnivores, become rich Dinner. When you have stabilized the road, you must start running Online Cigarettes. Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and university are almost all the way. The third and third grades are important turning points in life. Children, parents, and teachers are fighting hard and fighting hard! Fight hard! Fight hard! Make up classes, make up classes, make up classes! How many people, one point difference, pass the dream and hate life. Into the door of the university, not into the safe, in addition to the score, but also the ability. The university is just like catching a train. Heavy, it is a sleeper. The second is a hard seat. Others are no sitting. After arriving at the station, a swarm of underground cars began the next round of chasing. Life is a long-distance running, workplace, and hard work. The diploma is a bronze medal, the ability is a silver medal, and the connection is a gold medal. However, the thinking is that the trump card follows the raging crowd. When you run wild, you can't fall. If you fall, you must have the ability to get up immediately. Otherwise, you will be kicked by the forefoot. Stepping on a meat sauce, not dead, is almost disabled. Everyone is struggling Cheap Cigarettes, and everyone is running wild. What time is this? In the age of running, getting up early in the morning, full of streets, are people who drive, robbing money, going up. Fame, status, honor... House, car, ticket, the world, when born, parents encourage us to compete; when we go to school, the teacher will teach us to compete; when we enter the society, it is the weak and the strong, the survival of the fittest, this is the era of Darwinism? People must learn to hunt to survive? Sometimes I feel that I amt at an important turning point in life: proper stop to be able to re-start. Recently, the Schumacher ski accident was injured, and it may become a vegetative news, which made the world a surprise. . Schumacher, the world's fastest car, won the F1 championship seven times. Someone asked him: "What is the most important skill of the car?" Schumacher replied: "Brake!" Those who drive, those who have not driven, know the importance of the brakes. The consequences of mistakenly turning the throttle as a brake are very serious �C often the car is ruined. The brake system, the consequences of sudden failure, is also very serious, the car that runs all the way, suddenly out of control, life, may end in an instant. Schumacher let us know that the most important thing about a car is not the speed of the wind, but the brakes when it feels dangerous. People like God, too fast, will also suffer from the hardships of life, human nature is greedy, and it is difficult to fill. The great figures in history, how many Han Xin, and the stream of sorrow, think that it is the master of racing on the road of life, handy and invincible, the result is that the car is destroyed, nothing. What if the power is in the wild and the enemy is rich? It��s not a bamboo basket, it��s empty. Life is alive, money, beauty, rights, status, honor... How many temptations make our blood swell and bloody? Please remember that when you step on the gas pedal, don't forget to remember the brakes at all times, and to brake urgently during the crisis Marlboro Red. When you are not righteous Cigarettes For Sale, you will be on the brink. Relaxing and controlling your own heart is the foundation of success. Otherwise, everything has no meaning. Life is like a dream, all encounters and separations, all gains and losses, have cause and effect. The fate is gone, don't stalk and stalk; money is lost, don't worry about it; seat down, don't sit still. Life should: If you have a chance to live without a chance, a breeze will send the white clouds to face it calmly, calmly cope with, galloping life, with the brakes on the road, in order to go more stable. What is the brake of life? Kind, kind, compassionate, intolerant, tolerant, innocent, big love, indifferent, quiet...
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