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# 19.07.2019 - 05:13:39

The setting sun disappeared in the building complex, and the sky shrouded everything like the dark days of the end. The clouds become thinner and the stars become more angular. The world is like the light from the previous second to the darkness at the other end. The cars on the street move forward in the bleak moonlight, and the bright radiance of neon lights vividly and energetically set off people's lives Cheap Cigarettes. At the intersection of the bar, occasionally drunken adults wobbled into the dark alleys Parliament Cigarettes. At the crossroads, the owner of the rickshaw sometimes sits alone at the door of the store because of the business depression. But on such a calm and stable night Marlboro Gold, I lost my brother with a special economic zone. In the city. No food, no water, no warm bed, some just a sense of fear and turbulence. This is one thing that happened when I was five years old. My brother and I went away from home because of the collision with my father. And lost in the towns thousands of miles away from home. At that time, we thought that we might never be able to return home, so we were desperate at a crossroads. The wind blows our lips dry, fatigue and muscle hungry just like the charm of the entanglement we are too late to leave. I am afraid, but I dare not cry. We stared at the distance, and time seemed to be solidified. ����This is the first real wandering in my life. I think of tourism as drifting in Akihabara, South Korea, Jeju Island Cigarettes Online, Paris, France, New York, New Zealand, South Island... . So every time I see my friends taking photos of themselves, I always hold a sneezing attitude. Too much, I sometimes can't tell if I am jealous or joke. I have read Anne Baby's essays and essays. I never thought that the trip of a person can be so comfortable. The feeling of peace and ease will have a sense of freedom and drift. It��s like being in the wilderness, but there is a leisurely place under the chrysanthemum. I have also read "The Story of the Shaharra Desert". To be honest, I don't quite understand the desert life that San Mao is longing for, far from civilization and bitterness. But when she saw her "Hanging Pots", "Marriage", "Seeking Love", I understood one thing. In fact, the lack of material and the harsh environment can not break all the possibilities of one's survival, optimistic and positive attitude. Sometimes you can live another wonderful. I think I have fallen in love with drifting. I often imagine that I can carry my own bag for one day and come to travel once. I will walk alone on the corner of the street to listen to music, let the melody rotate with the world, or walk alone on the beach Cigarettes For Sale, let the warm sand of the sun touch my feet, there will be seagulls falling next to it. I will sprinkle some snacks for them to eat but I am more willing to use "drift" to flaunt myself than "travel". I always say this to others. In the chills, I can have a little more vicissitudes of life, and there will be a rush to the feet. (Childish vanity swearing?, the unexpected cold in the morning of the drift season, in the wake of a few seconds, the dream has long disappeared. Seeing the phone screen flashing at 7:50, I understand many of the monthly exams The subject has not yet been reviewed as a junior college student. It is not like a junior high school student who can freely spend a lot of time in his own leisure time. Instead, he is very busy writing resumes and busy green life for interviews. Because we will soon It will become another group of employment forces in the society, to drift in the city, to find their own life goals. We will be stranded by reality, and the frustrations will be ruined. The young arrogance, paranoia, impulsiveness will be confused and ignorant. This is life. Another test is also a compulsory course that is important for growth.
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