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Breaux (fibula) returned to practice af
Foren Gott

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# 23.03.2019 - 13:56:48

A cardboard Burger King crown, a wide-eyed surprised expression and a kiss. Cheap Paul Konerko Jersey . This is known as the most viral Super Smash Bros. moment to spread on the internet.The photo has become the default nerdy gamer guy reaction for many forums and websites. Even today, seven years after the photo was taken, it regularly resurfaces on Reddit and Facebook. Having been edited with various different captions riffing on nerd and gaming culture, the picture has entered annals of the internet. Most people who have no prior knowledge of the Smash scene may just assume its just a photo of a person in shock after being kissed. But theres more to the story.Jason Mew2King Zimmerman, one of the most well-known competitors in Super Smash Bros., is the boy with the shocked expression.Amber Scheurer is the girl kissing him. Nowadays, she works as an electrical engineer in digital light processing at Texas Instruments. But back in 2009, she was just a 20-year-old college student following her boyfriend John Rx- Vastola around to Smash tournaments. At the time, she didnt know shed become a permanent internet fixture in the Smash Bros. community.The story begins at Tipped Off 5, a regional tournament in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where Mew2King came in second to Juan Hungrybox Debiedma. Scheurer remembers he was sulking after the loss. The crowd that was standing around was like oh, you should give him a kiss on the cheek to cheer him up, so I did, she told was the one who made it happen, claims Hendrick DJ Nintendo William?Pilar, a professional Melee competitor who also attended the event. I told [Scheurer] to kiss M2K and she did it without hesitation.While many fans online have speculated that it was a staged interaction, Scheurer contests that. She says, It was definitely very candid and I dont think it was like Ambers going to give you a kiss and you should make a weird face.But considering Mew2Kings style of humor, maybe it wasnt as candid as Scheurer thinks it was.Mew2King admitted to that he wanted the picture to be funny prior to taking it. He says he wanted that anime-esque surprised expression: Over-exaggerated wide eyes and cartoony features. In the end, it mightve been a combination of spontaneity and Mew2Kings crafty sense of humor. Regardless, it made for one of the most memorable memes in Smash history. Cheap Bo Jackson Jersey . It was the kind of score that might make everyone else wonder which course he was playing. Except that Graeme McDowell saw the whole thing. Crouched behind the 10th green at Sheshan International, McDowell looked over at the powerful American and said, "Ive probably seen 18 of the best drives Ive seen all year in the last two days. Cheap Carlton Fisk Jersey .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. . Calgary scored on the first shift, and Michael Cammalleri scored twice as the Flames cruised to a 5-2 win over the Washington Capitals on Saturday. METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram insisted he will play Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, even though he is in the concussion protocol and awaiting official clearance after being knocked out for an estimated three seconds during Thursday nights away game.Ingram practiced Wednesday and said he had not experienced any symptoms this week.Im fine. Im gonna be playing Sunday. I feel good, just have to be smart about it if anything comes about, if Im dealing with anything, said Ingram, who noted that he did everything in practice except for live contact.I felt good. I was running fast. I was making my cuts. I made some mistakes. So it was just another day. It was a regular day at the office, Ingram said. And Im feeling good and looking forward to playing on Sunday.Ingram said this is his first concussion. And he said he appreciates the NFLs concussion protocols -- even though he admitted to being unhappy about them in the heat of the moment on Thursday, when he was pulled from the Saints 23-20 loss to the Carolina Panthers?in Charlotte.Ingram could be seen expressing his frustration with the decision, yelling as he was escorted back to the locker room.I was yelling at a lot of people. Because I didnt agree that I was ruled out the game. But I didnt know that I was unconscious or knocked out for three seconds, whatever it was, Ingram said. I rolled over on my own, I talked to the doctors on my own, I talked to Coach [Sean] Payton on my own when I was laying there. So I figured I was good. I figured I was gonna go to the sideline, have some tests and be able to come back in.But they ruled me out -- which was the right decision -- and everythings lookinng good. Wholesale White Sox Jerseys. Ingram acknowledged that players should not be allowed to diagnose themselves.Ingram suffered the concussion during the third quarter. Players immediately waved to the sideline for trainers as Ingram was down on the field for a few moments. But he soon walked off the field under his own power and later walked back to the locker room for evaluation.Payton has also been optimistic about Ingrams diagnosis since Friday morning, when he said he expected him to be fine.I think its encouraging with him, and Ive said that all along, Payton said Wednesday morning.If Ingram plays Sunday, he will likely serve as the leading half of a timeshare with veteran running back Tim Hightower. Although Ingram has had some inconsistent production this season, he remains on pace for 920 rushing yards, 363 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.There also was encouraging news on Wednesday for the other players on the Saints injury list. Left tackle Terron Armstead (knee/quad) and cornerback Delvin Breaux (fibula) returned to practice after being held out last week.Breaux said last week he expected to be ready to roll for the final six weeks of the season.Armstead was noncommittal about his chances of playing but said he would give it his all.[It has been] extremely frustrating, extremely, said Armstead, who has appeared in only four games this season while dealing with the nagging but unspecified knee issue. I want nothing more than to be on the field battling with my guys each and every day in practice, game, everything. So its definitely frustrating. ' ' '
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