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# 21.02.2019 - 08:00:38

Six teams quickly filled their head-coaching vacancies from Monday through Wednesday. Two remain. And they’ll remain vacant Josh Gordon Jersey , pending this weekend’s results. And perhaps next weekend’s results.But amid multiple reports that the Dolphins plan to hire Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores and the Bengals plan to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor, don’t forget the lesson that everyone learned a year ago with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels: It’s not done until it’s done.The league considered in the offseason a rule that would permit teams to officially hire assistant coaches from teams whose playoff runs have not ended. The league did not implement that rule, sticking with the current wink-nod-based approach in which informal arrangements are made but, formally, no offer has been extended.And it’s a two-way street. The teams can change their minds, the coaches can change their minds. It’s not a good look (especially if assistant coaches are hired under the assumption that the hire will happen) Authentic Phillip Dorsett Jersey Salute to Service , but it can happen. It has happened. And until the rule is changed there’s a chance it will happen again.Tom Brady hasn’t been sacked in two whole games Pro Football Focus grades are like free pizza for football nerds everywhere, but here’s a stat you don’t need a 1-through-100 grade to appreciate:The last man to sack Tom Brady was Eli Harold.Eli plays linebacker for the Detroit Lions.Tim Fuller-USA TODAY SportsIf, for some reason, you want to see that again, it’s at about 8 minutes in here. I’ve personally purged that game from my memory already, like when you leave a burger on the grill too long and take one bite and then go “Welp Limited Danny Shelton Jersey , not doing THAT again”.That was September 23rd, on Sunday Night Football, and here we are cruising into the weekend in style and it’s been (counting on my fingers) 12 days and counting since Brady’s been sacked.And because this will never not be funny to me, here’s the offensive line that’s by and large kept Tom Brady clean:LT - a guy that San Francisco didn’t want that the Patriots acquired for a fifth-round pickLG - a third-round pick that barely tipped 300 lbs at the CombineC - an undrafted free agent RG - a 6’1’’ guard from a triple-option offenseRT - a guy most of us (me included) left for dead (if you’ll pardon the expression) after his disastrous run with Dave DeGuglielmo coaching the O-line. Oh, and he BEAT CANCER.Put that in your pipe and smoke it, everybody who said New England was discount-double-screwed if they didn’t draft Kolton Miller!It seems like 800 lifetimes ago now Jason McCourty Jersey , but at this point last year, let’s not forget that with almost the same personnel, Brady was getting the kale beat out of him at a record pace - through 5 games, he’d been hit 50 times. This year? Through 5 games, the Pats offensive line is barely even allowing half of that punishment - they’ve given up 6 sacks and 25 total quarterback hits all season.Now THAT’S how you defend the wall!I mean, just look at how much freaking time Tom Brady had to throw on the Josh Gordon touchdown last night. He could’ve made a sandwich and checked Instagram back there.One final note Troy Niklas Jersey , based on the good old eyeball test, is that Trent Brown appears to be steadily improving with his run-blocking, which, if you remember when he got here, was supposedly something like making him play ping-pong left-handed. Check out this Baldy Breakdown detailing Brown’s technique in the Miami game:Bonus: make sure you watch the Baldy Breakdown all the way till the end for a Marvel-scene-after-the-credits style look at why Belichick’s cool with paying Dwayne Allen a few million to block.And for the record, there’s only one team with more sacks than Indianapolis this year Limited Donald Trump Jersey , and if you’re the optimistic type (just kidding, there’s no optimists in New England, everybody knows that), the O-line playing at this level might be just what the doctor ordered when New England faces off with...Oh god.
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